Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blog Six

Hi Hi Meow, Sunday night here. Another busy day. Human Mum and Dad went to the farmers market, Humans Brothers both slept and Human Sister had to work so I went and Meet my Cat friends in our Hut! Can't tell you where it is as it's a secret! But if you go over to the High School next door and down to the back paddock through some tree and bushes its around there. The Hut is made up of old Trees/Bushes etc and inside it has couches/TV/Food/alsorts. Us cats can only find it so if you try looking for it you will never see it!!! Even if you try really hard :). Last night Cat Micky Cat Lilly Cat Jack and me watched "Cats go bad" in the hut it is such an awesome movie! But today we just lazied about telling old story's. Lilly told us one about how her Humans Dog thinks hes a super dog, it was really funny! gtg Love you all x Until next time.

Blog Five

Meow Yay its Sat. The long weekend fore some. But for my Human Sister its basically the same for her as she already gets Sat and Monday of and works Sundays as normal hahaha! But we hung out today that was cool! She slept until 11am so I joined her. Then went and did my own thing. I stalked sum Birds but Human Dad scared them away with the Lawn Mower Meow Grrr! Next time I will get one. Human Sister has just said theirs a Mouse at her work in the Flower Nursery that they have named Fred and told me I should join her on day and try and catch it! Yummy. Went and slept some more. Then it was Tea time. Fish and Chips where on the Plate and managed to steal some yummy Fish. Don't I just love eating hahaha. Then I went and watched a movie called "Cats go Bad" Me and my cat friends have this Hut that no one knows about and that's where we watched it! More about that in my next blog. Keep Voting/Donating to me. Love you all x

Blog Four

Meow and Hello going to keep this post stort but its been an ok day. My human Sister only worked a short time at her work (Flower Nursery) today because she had a sore tooth and that had to come out x Poor her but I gave her lots of Cuddles when she got back home x. That's what you get for eating so many lollies thou!!! haha hmmm maybe I should stop eating to many Cat treats! But they taste so good!!!!!! Have pretty much slept for the Whole day again isn't it great not to have to work and let the Humans do it for us. x Going to go Catch up again tomorrow. Cat Kisses xx xxx

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blog Three

Meow Meow Hi to all the awesome friends and family I have sorry these posts are late been sleeping most of the time trying to hide away from the cold! Haven't done much today its been wake Kerrie up at 3.30am to get breakfast,eat breakfast, quickly run out side to go to the loo!. Run back inside (Whoops thats the door i ran into to was meant to aim for the cat door! Once back inside go and find a bed : then Sleep all day until 5pm when i won't more food! Yum Yum then go and sleep by the fire. Yay. Anyone got any ideas for a present I should bring Kerrie as to say Thanks for looking after me? hehehe. Good Nite. Need to go back to that fire my Paws are getting cold. Also can someone event Catt-ins as like the Humans have Mittens. x

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blog Two

Loving this weather not its just to cold for me! Been raining for the past two weeks :(. Have upload a Photo of myself just to show you how Photogenic I am heheMeowMeow. Thanks to the wonderful person who donated $10. Big Cat Hugs to you!. Will bring more news tomrrow. To tired to write tonight got Catbrain going.

Nite x

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Blog One

I have entered myself in the NZ Top Model Cat comp with starts today until 12th July and the Top 5 cats with the most donates and other 5 cats chosen by Judges get to move to round to on 14 July. Meow hope its me!. Can't believe how cold it is! At least I have all this Fur :) Don't feel the need to donate but would love you to forward the link . Also take a look at and my facebook page!/group.php?gid=105705242806054&ref=ts. Got to go for now want to ly by the fire.

Meow x