Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blog Five

Meow Yay its Sat. The long weekend fore some. But for my Human Sister its basically the same for her as she already gets Sat and Monday of and works Sundays as normal hahaha! But we hung out today that was cool! She slept until 11am so I joined her. Then went and did my own thing. I stalked sum Birds but Human Dad scared them away with the Lawn Mower Meow Grrr! Next time I will get one. Human Sister has just said theirs a Mouse at her work in the Flower Nursery that they have named Fred and told me I should join her on day and try and catch it! Yummy. Went and slept some more. Then it was Tea time. Fish and Chips where on the Plate and managed to steal some yummy Fish. Don't I just love eating hahaha. Then I went and watched a movie called "Cats go Bad" Me and my cat friends have this Hut that no one knows about and that's where we watched it! More about that in my next blog. Keep Voting/Donating to me. Love you all x

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