Saturday, June 5, 2010

Blog Three

Meow Meow Hi to all the awesome friends and family I have sorry these posts are late been sleeping most of the time trying to hide away from the cold! Haven't done much today its been wake Kerrie up at 3.30am to get breakfast,eat breakfast, quickly run out side to go to the loo!. Run back inside (Whoops thats the door i ran into to was meant to aim for the cat door! Once back inside go and find a bed : then Sleep all day until 5pm when i won't more food! Yum Yum then go and sleep by the fire. Yay. Anyone got any ideas for a present I should bring Kerrie as to say Thanks for looking after me? hehehe. Good Nite. Need to go back to that fire my Paws are getting cold. Also can someone event Catt-ins as like the Humans have Mittens. x


  1. It is SO cold isn't it!! I miss sleeping in my sun puddles :(

  2. Yay for Sun Puddles :) My human misses them to she also loves to sleep in them x Hope your having a good day :)